A Bohemian Elopement in Santorini, Greece

Planning and event design: Tie The Knot In Santorini
Photography: Nisha Ravji Photography
Flower creations: Betty Flowers Santorini

Holy smokes, do we have a treat for you today!! We’re being transported to the incredibly beautiful island of Santorini in Greece for a bohemian-inspired elopement! Meet Molly + David; she is an architect and he is a game designer — so you know they’ve got an eye for details + style. When the two first imagined their wedding day, they tried to picture themselves doing the traditional thing, but it just wasn’t them.

The couple shares To take our minds off of wedding things, we decided to take a trip to Europe, and started planning for that instead. It was after we had made arrangements to travel to France and Greece that someone suggested, “Why not get married while you are there?” We initially shrugged it off, but we couldn’t get the idea out of our heads: A new place, a new beginning, just the two of us. We knew we wanted something more personal and less traditional. We also wanted to keep everything as low-stress and simple as possible without losing the feeling of significance. We spoke to our families and they were very supportive of the idea. And it was perfect.

Are you ready to travel to the enchanting island of Santorini? Let’s take a peek at all the gorgeous photos captured by Nisha Ravji Photography!

Fun Fact: Santorini used to be brimming with vibrant colors — sun-baked brick, warm ochre, and cyan, among others. It wasn’t until the latter half of the 20th century that the government in power mandated that all the houses had to be re-painted white. In contrast, the church domes were already bright blue; thus the iconic landscape that is known today (which also reflects the Greek flag!)

What a beauty!! Molly’s stunning white dress is from Reformation.

How pretty is this back-dipping necklace?

That hoop + floral combo plus all the candles + lanterns is so magical! Tie the Knot Santorini designed this darling backdrop + planned the whole day!

Betty Flowers Santorini did such an incredible job with all the florals! Those deep pops of blue and bright orange hues complement each other so nicely, don’t you think?

Those pretty blue hues!

Our Favorite Memory From The Wedding

The most memorable moment of our wedding day, for me, was standing on the terrace during the ceremony, in the most beautiful place I’ve ever been, looking into the eyes of the person I always knew would be standing across from me when this day came.

What a dream!!

Molly shares I think one of the biggest obstacles for couples wanting to elope is the fear of hurting the feelings of their families and friends. We had similar feelings in the beginning but we found that by discussing it with our closest families and friends first, everyone was so supportive, excited and even proud of our decision to do it our way. When we returned from our wedding, we had a super casual Texas BBQ party with everyone, so it really was the best of both worlds.

Everything about this!! From the abundance of candles + lanterns, the macramé table runner, floral hoops, touches of blue, to the view of the ocean… Simply STUNNING!

Our Advice To Those Planning Now

I would tell couples that are planning an elopement to find a great photographer and wedding planner. The photography is even more important than at a traditional wedding because it is the only way all your friends and family will get experience your wedding. Couples that are doing a destination elopement probably aren’t going to be super familiar with the location, so having a photographer and wedding planner that know the area can really make a huge difference; both on the day of the wedding + during all the planning and logistics that needs to happen before you even arrive.

How absolutely stunning is this?! …So who’s up for a trip to Greece now?

Thank you so much to Molly + David for letting us in on your special day!

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