Natalie & Greg | Private Villa Wedding

Photography: Thanasis Kaiafas
Styling, and floral creations: Betty Flowers Santorini
Proposal venue: Cavo Ventus Santorini

Greg and Natalie instantly fell in love with Santorini when they visited in June of 2016. “As soon as we breathed in the sweet warm air and felt the age-old magic, we just knew that we would get married there,” says Natalie.

Six years prior, the two had met at a cocktail bar, where they were introduced by old school friends. After spending the entire evening talking, there was a clear spark. It didn’t take long for Natalie and Greg to start dating, and they soon realized they were soulmates.

“I proposed to Natalie in December of 2015, on Christmas Day,” Greg describes. “I told her I had forgotten a present in the car and went to fetch it. Then I brought in a large box for her to unwrap. I made her close her eyes, and
when she opened her present, it was a light-up cinema-style box which said, ‘Will You Marry Me?’ Of course, at this point, I was on one knee holding the ring. When she opened her eyes, she was shocked and started crying with happiness.”

For the couple, getting married in Santorini was a dream come true. They opted for a small, intimate sunset ceremony at Cavo Ventus luxury villa, which offered a secluded setting and incredible view over the caldera and sea. With a simple, elegant, and modern aesthetic, the space was filled with floral arrangements of white roses, hydrangeas, peonies, olive leaves, and eucalyptus.

“Right before the ceremony, there was an atmosphere of mirth and happy anticipation that became very emotional at two specific moments,” the groom recalls. “When Natalie gave little Lola a sweet card thanking her for being her bridesmaid, and when I got the letter my wife-to-be had written for me on our wedding day; it was very special and so touching.”

After the ceremony, the day continued with a festive reception and celebration. “Greg is a music producer, and his best men surprised him pleasantly by writing and performing a best man rap,” says the bride. “This got everyone up and dancing, and they didn’t stop until the night was over. The entire day was perfect, and so was the evening. All in all, the wedding was everything we had hoped for; and fortunately, through the great photos of Thanasis Kaiafas, we will have the chance to relive this amazing experience over and over again!”

As seen on Grace Ormonde.