The Battle Of Copper VS Rose Gold Was Waged In Santorini Greece

Planning and event design: Tie The Knot In Santorini
Photography: Studio Bright Light 
Flower creations: Betty Flowers Santorini

The battle of copper vs rose gold was waged in Santorini Greece! Aka Carolina and David got eloped on a beautiful, sunny autumn day with copper and rose gold details mixing beautifully throughout. We love this elopement!! A couple so madly in love, a gorgeous set up and many stylish details.

Carolina had dreamt of an industrial style wedding, harmonized with the Greek island environment. That is exactly what Tie the Knot in Santorini-Weddings & Events brought to life for her! More images of this beautiful day await you in the full gallery, all photographed by Studio Bright Light.

Rose Gold & Copper Unite

For the color scheme we used burgundy which we lightened up with pink hues. A lot of rose gold and copper details complimented perfectly the industrial style decor. Lush flowers arrangements and sequin fabrics added a luxury feeling to the set up. It was a beautiful wedding!! This wonderful duo, eloped on a beautiful Greek island in style and had the most AMAZING time!!

Do's and Don'ts Of Eloping in Santorini

From the bride: High heels in Santorini was definitely not a good idea, maybe you should consider changing into flats to shoot around town. October was a great month because the city is not too busy and Imerovigli is definitely a better option than Fira and Oia.

Good Professionals Equal Peace Of Mind

If you hire good professionals I am sure you will be safe in case something goes wrong. In my case I had the best crew a bride could dream of (planner, make up, hair, photography and space), so even when it got chilly and windy at night, everything was under control and perfect.

Speaking of seriously talented vendors, if you love the styling by Tie the Knot in Santorini Weddings & Events, see more of their work here (lanterns on the beach included!)

Stay True To You And Trust

So if I could give honest advice it would be listen to your hearts! Choose what really matters for you as a couple and no one else. It is an important day so hire good professionals, keep an open dialogue and trust them for your beautiful day to be perfect!

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